“Pound for pound and dollar for dollar, Singh-Ray filters have given me a greater return in both dollars and otherwise impossible images than any equipment I own.” — Galen Rowell

Shot with Singh-Ray Neutral Polarizer Filter

“Having such high quality filters on my lenses ensures that in any complex and harsh environment, I am giving myself the best opportunity to achieve the shot that I had envisioned. There is no other set of filters that I would carry with me on any of my expeditions.” — Andrei Duman

Shot with Singh-Ray Neutral Polarizing Filter

“After several years of struggling with color casts and poor results from lesser-quality filters, I guess you could say ‘I saw the light’ and invested in the best filters to put in front of my lenses. I won’t buy anything else.” — kate silvia

Shot with 10-stop Mor-Slo Solid Neutral Density Filter

“At Godafoss in Iceland, I used the Singh-Ray Vari-ND and Rowell graduated ND filters to properly balance the sky and foreground. This image would not have been possible without these filters. They are always (and I mean always) with me.” — Jack Graham

Shot with Singh-Ray Vari-ND variable neutral density filter and 4-stop Galen Rowell Soft-Edge Graduated Neutral Density Filter.

“I’ve been using Singh-Ray filters exclusively for over 20 years. I’ve compared them all and there are no other filters, in my opinion, that come close in terms of optical quality and color accuracy.” — Tony Sweet

Shot with Singh-Ray Vari-ND variable neutral density filter

“My goal has always been to capture the moment right in-camera. Singh-Ray filters provide me the control I need to balance tonality, colors and mood – all the key elements that can make or break a successful image.” — Don Smith

Shot with Singh-Ray Neutral Polarizer.

“Using Singh Ray filters helps me photograph reality in ways that can go beyond documentation and capture what I experienced and felt at any given moment, for example, capturing the force of the undercurrent in this image.“ — Ellen Anon

Shot with 5-Stop Mor-Slo ND Filters

“For my black and white process, the Singh-Ray Gold-N-Blue polarizer is always on my lens. The unique gold/blue color range allows me to develop broad and dramatic tonality while preserving pixel and print quality.”  — Alec Johnson

Shot with Gold-N-Blue Polarizer

”Why would you buy high-performance lenses and use low-end filters that reduce that performance? With Singh-Ray filters, I’m confident I’ll always achieve the best possible image quality from my gear.”
 — John barclay

Shot with Singh-Ray LB Warming Polarizer and Hi-Lux UV Protective Filter

“When capturing a fleeting moment in time, the filters I place between my subject and my camera have to be perfect. Anything less is unacceptable. Singh-Ray filters provide me with the level of exceptional optical quality I demand.”
 — Chuck Kimmerle

Shot with Singh-Ray 10-stop Mor-Slo ND Filter

“I couldn’t do what I do behind the lens without Singh-Ray in front of the lens, even with today’s cutting-edge software and post-processing. Singh Ray filters yield images with rich, bold color and detail throughout. They are indispensable!“
 — Adam Barker

Shot with Benson 10-stop reverse graduatedND filter

“Singh-Ray has been and is the name in quality filters - and I own and use several of their great products. For this image at Bosque, I used my 5-stop Mor-Slo solid neutral density filter in a drop-in holder on my Canon 800mm lens, to get the slower shutter speed I needed.“
 — Arthur Morris

Shot with Benson 5-stop reverse graduatedND filter

"I've tried most of the top ND and grad ND filters on the market over the years, and I always come back to Singh-Ray. The image quality, clarity and lack of color cast is the best out there." — Dan Ballard

Shot with Galen Rowell 3-stop, soft-edge graduated neutral density filter

For over 50 years, the world’s finest photographers and videographers have relied on the superior performance of Singh-Ray filters. No other filter manufacturer comes close to matching the quality of our optical glass, comparable to that used by NASA. And Singh-Ray continues to pioneer the most innovative products on the market, such as our ColorCombo polarizer, Vari-ND variable and Mor-Slo 15-stop neutral density filters. When you use our filters, you’ll create better, more dramatic images and, unlike other filters, with absolutely no sacrifice in image quality. All Singh-Ray filters are handcrafted in the USA.

Don’t see the filter you are looking for? Give us a call.

All contents copyright 2015 Singh-Ray Filters and Singh-Ray Corporation. All rights reserved. Singh-Ray Filters, 2721 SE Highway 31, Arcadia, FL 34266-7974.

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