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Singh-Ray cleaners and accessories
RayVu™ Optical Cleaner

RayVu Optical Cleaner, pioneered by Singh-Ray, is a precision cleaning solution that’s perfect for filters, lenses, eyeglasses, computer and television screens and many other glass and plastic optical surfaces (though not contact lenses).

Ray-Vu applies a crystal-clear coating that resists fogging, dust and fingerprints, and it is completely safe, non-toxic and inflammable. Its extremely low haze factor slightly increases light transmission and color saturation. 2 oz. spray bottle comes with an optical-grade microfiber cleaning cloth. Also available in 8 oz., pint and quart refills.

Usage tip

For best results, spray RayVu on the microfiber cloth (not on the filter) and gently rub in circular motion, starting at the center. Blow obvious dust and grit off your filter before using RayVu.


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Optical-grade Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

This 12” x 16” optical-grade microfiber cleaning cloth is perfect for cleaning any optical surfaces.


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Replacement Pouches

Every Singh-Ray filter comes in a protective pouch, lined with optical cloth to protect your filter when it’s not in use. If you’ve lost or damaged yours, you can order replacements here.


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Push-on Lens Caps

To reduce thickness, our thin-mount filters have no front threads, so clip-style lens caps cannot be attached. These flexible plastic push-on caps fit snugly onto the front of the filter. Available in these filter sizes: 52mm, 58mm, 62mm, 67mm, 72mm, 77mm, 82mm.


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Step-up Rings

These metal step-up rings enable you to use our filters on a variety of lenses.
Available step-up sizes:
– 52 to 77mm
– 58 to 77mm
– 62 to 77mm
– 67 to 77mm
– 72 to 77mm
– 77 to 82mm
– 77 to 95mm
– 77 to 105mm
– 82 to 95mm
– 82 to 105mm