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Ernesto Santos uses his Singh-Ray Polarizers to enhance digital images for B&W image conversions

When Ernesto Santos decided to pack his photo gear and head off to New Mexico in October, his primary goal was to treat himself to some really fine light. “I find the light in New Mexico to be magnificent almost

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Jason Odell visits NYC with his Singh-Ray Mor-Slo ND filters to shoot very long exposures

Living in Colorado, Jason Odell doesn’t always have opportunities to do urban photography, “so when I get a chance to go back east, I always bring along my creative filters. When I was in New York City for the Photo

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Ernesto Santos uses his Singh-Ray polarizers to enhance his hot air balloon images in Albuquerque’s early morning light

When Ernesto Santos left his home in McAllen, Texas, a few weeks ago for some serious nature photography, he headed for northern New Mexico. “There is no doubt that New Mexico is blessed with a multitude of dramatic natural areas

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Jon Sheppard says photographers of all ages and stages of mobility should bring their cameras to the American West

  If Jon Sheppard lived in New York City, he might well be a street photographer, documenting almost every scene he sees wherever he happens to go. But Jon lives in Colorado and roams all around the Great West. He

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Jay Goodrich traces his path to the home of his dreams

Singh-Ray LB Warming Polarizer and Graduated ND Filter   When Jay Goodrich looks around his new home in Jackson, Wyoming — the place he and his wife both dreamed about for close to 30 years — he knows he’s arrived at

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Leading Filipino photographer Edwin Martinez fulfills his desire to capture the Ice and Fire of Icelandic sunsets

 Edwin Martinez is one of the leading landscape photographers in the Philippines and a leading ambassador for Canon Cameras in the region. He’s not only captured most of his nation’s many scenic attractions, but is also reaching out to many

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The other evening Brian Rueb took his new Mor-Slo 15-stop ND Filter for an initial test shot

While in Scotland this past September, Brian Rueb had a number of opportunities to work with the Singh-Ray 10-stop Mor-Slo ND filter…and he loved it. “I would go as far as to say it saved my trip! The way the

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Brian Rueb’s first trip to Scotland was a lot more successful because he didn’t leave his Mor-Slo 10-stop at home

The Scottish highlands have always held a certain mystique for Brian Rueb, even before he got so serious about landscape photography. “Barren, rocky, mountains floating in the mist, the ruins of historic castles, and rugged coastlines — I wanted to

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I-Ray Filter lets Tom Bol shoot serious infrared images without destroying his Nikon D800

World traveling photographer Tom Bol has noticed a trend. “If you have opened a photography magazine lately, chances are you have seen an infrared (IR) image in one form or another,” Tom says. “IR photography has seen a recent resurgence

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Marco Crupi escapes to Key West searching for palm trees, pastel hues and magical light

There’s no better cure for creative cabin fever than a few days of escape. New Jersey photographer and graphic designer Marco Crupi says, “I personally enjoy traveling to South Florida whenever possible. I find something magical about this area. With

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