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Oregon – Five “Before” and “After” Long Exposure Images

By Cole Thompson   Editor’s note: We’ve been huge fans of Cole’s tremendous black & white work for years – and have often wondered what his images looked like out of the camera, before he applied his unique conversion and

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Making a Short Story… Long!

By Jack Graham   Editor’s note: Many thanks to longtime Singh-Ray shooter and friend Jack Graham for contributing this article. Putting this post together helped us make a pleasant discovery, a beautiful and free online photography magazine we were not

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Working Through Visual Puzzles

By Don Smith   Maple Leaves on Fallen Redwood, Nisene Marks State Park, California Sony a7R, Sony 70-200mm @ 200mm, f/20, 4 seconds, 100 ISO, Singh-Ray Neutral Polarizer   It has been my observation in teaching workshops for the past

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A Resident Artist

By Chuck Kimmerle  Injustice Cheat and Hack Tool Editor’s note: In our humble opinion, Chuck Kimmerle is one of today’s truly outstanding black & white photography artists. Our thanks for this reflection on the residency he just completed in Joshua

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My National Geographic Expedition to Iceland, Greenland and the Northwest Passage

By Jay Dickman   Editor’s note: Longtime Singh-Ray shooter and National Geographic and Pultitzer Prize winning photographer, Jay Dickman, takes us through some wonderful images he shot during an expedition he led this past August. You might be surprised to

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Singh-Ray filters: Essential tools for preserving photographic integrity

By Richard Thompson   Editor’s note: Singh-Ray shooter Richard Thompson recently published his first hardcover book, “Visions of Michigan,” featuring his outstanding photography in Michigan’s upper and lower peninsulas, accomplished using Singh-Ray filters. To find out more about his book

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5 Reasons to Reject an Image

By Jay Goodrich   With the age of digital photography now becoming a mainstream part of society, how do you decide what photos are good to keep and what ones should be thrown in the trash? While we need reasons

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Filters Still Have an Important Role in High-Quality Photography

By Ernesto Santos I recently returned from a week in South Dakota and it was an exhilarating, wonderful experience. I’d just switched to Singh-Ray 4×6 inch Galen Rowell neutral density grads from the “P” size, so I was looking forward

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Realizing my vision, with the help of my filters

By Doug van Kampen    Editor’s note: Doug is a full-time U.S. Coast Guardsman, which may have something to do with why most of his photos seem to contain water! An avid photographer who spends much of his time at

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Using a polarizer effectively

By Gary Hart (Gary’s website; his gallery on this site)   Editor’s note: This article by Singh-Ray shooter Gary Hart is especially relevant as we capture the brilliant Fall colors. A high-quality polarizer is always an essential filter, but especially

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