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Photoshop and six tools… with a video demonstration

By Cole Thompson   Editor’s note: We are huge admirers of Cole’s work and have always wondered how he processed his memorable B&W images. Here Cole describes his process – and illustrates it with the video included in this article.

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5 reasons why you should be using a circular polarizing filter

By Don Smith   The sun sets through fog as seen from Fremont Peak State Park, San Benito County, California (Sony a7R II, Sony/Zeiss 24-70mm, f/22, 1/10th, ISO 100, Singh-Ray Neutral Polarizer)   If you are serious about your landscape

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Wrong is sometimes right… and other considerations

By Jack Graham     At times there are a few traps we photographers fall into that hinder our creativity. Often the most common trap encountered is following rules … especially when it comes to composition.   The four main

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My 3-stop reverse graduated ND filter.
An essential tool for shooting sunsets.

By Brady Cabe   Typical graduated filters are darkest at one end, and gradually lighten up along the length of the filter. These are essential for any landscape photographer’s kit, and are commonly used when the sun is above the frame,

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Photographing moving water

By Robert Clark   Moving water – waterfalls, rivers, streams and surf – often presents unique challenges to the landscape photographer. The most common way to capture images of moving water is to use a slower shutter speed. But how

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Introducing the new Singh-Ray Wayne Bennett “Smoky Vision” Diffusing Polarizer

By Wayne Bennett   One of the greatest joys I, as a photographer, have had over the past three decades is to have met some pretty wonderful people. People with an interest similar to mine… photography.   Like everyone else,

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“All-in-camera, old school photography” with digital cameras, Part 1

By Randall J. Hodges   “To Photoshop” or “not to Photoshop,” that is the question. Well, not really, but for an all-in-camera professional like myself, there really is no choice. I believe there is absolutely nothing wrong with Photoshop, Lightroom

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New creative interpretations with slower exposure times

By Ellen Anon   As the digital era has evolved and cameras are ubiquitous, there are more and more images of literally everything, to the point that sometimes people wonder if it’s possible to make a photograph that’s original. One

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“Cleanse your palette”
Another approach to using solid neutral density filters

By Chuck Kimmerle   Solid neutral density filters – I use Singh-Ray Mor-Slo and George Lepp solid ND filters – have become increasingly popular the past few years. Their ability to increase exposure times from 1-stop to 20-stops (2x to,

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The other day, I was asked to describe how I created this image…

By Denise Silva   I decided it would be easier to write a post here and create a video demonstrating the techniques. So let’s get started.   The Set Up This image was created from 37 different images, created using

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