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What grabs your attention?
That’s what your picture should be.

By Don Smith   “When Forces Collide,” Big Sur Coast, California, Sony a6000, Tamron SP 150-600mm @900mm, Sony LA-EA4 adapter, f/11, 1/1000th sec., 800 ISO   I work with a lot of amateur photographers. There are times we are on

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Mastering the Art of Composition

By Ed Heaton   Here a just a few brief tips for mastering the art of composition.   Composition is the logical arrangement of elements so that their relationship is pleasing to the eye.  The elements are things that make

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Trip report: bad weather is good weather!

By Tom Bol   Recently I was leading a workshop for American Nature Photography Workshops in Arches National Park, and once again I was reminded of a photography truth; bad weather is good weather. Sure, it’s no fun when the

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Black & white photography…
it’s more than just color photography minus the color

By Alec Johnson    Bay Bridge, San Francisco. Canon 5D MkIII, Canon 24-70mm @24mm, ISO100, f/16, Singh Ray Gold-N-Blue polarizer and Singh Ray 10 stop Mor Slo solid ND, WB 7600, 92 seconds   All joking aside, I believe black

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Along the Blue Ridge Parkway

By Nye Simmons   Editor’s note: Nye Simmons is a long-time Singh-Ray friend and author of Best of the Blue Ridge Parkway, written with Nye’s photographer’s eyes, with photographers in mind. This handy paperback tells you everything you need to

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More than just a camera

By Mark Lissick   Editor’s note: We’re pleased to welcome Mark Lissik, a longtime Singh-Ray shooter and acclaimed photographer and workshop leader, to our team. Be sure to take a look at his new pro gallery page on this site. 

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Photographing the Yosemite, Part 2: Summer in the High Country

By Steve Kossack   Editor’s note: to read Steve’s previous Yosemite post, Part 1, click here.   In the summer months at the Yosemite, it’s the high country for me. And you don’t need to get far into the wilderness

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A bunch of little things add up to better images

By Darrell Moll   A few years ago I was leading a workshop in Zion National Park when one of the attendees asked a question that really got me thinking. The question was “What one thing can an amateur like

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Get into the flow… using filters for dramatic waterfall photography

By Robert Clark   Editor’s note: Robert Clark is a master of waterfall photography. He is a graphic designer, architect, landscape photographer and teacher – and works as a media designer, manager and frequent photographer for the National Park Service.

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Same location… close to home… different looks

By Thierry Resin   I love travel photography, but I am equally motivated to shoot at locations just down the road. I am fortunate to live in a beautiful country, Switzerland, but I believe there are great photo subjects all

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