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Shooting summer wildflowers

By Kevin McNeal (Kevin’s website; his gallery on this site)   Kevin McNeal is a master at shooting wildflowers, as these photos attest. Here he discusses the one essential filter he uses for every one of his wildflower scenes and

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10 Myths People Have About Professional Photographers

by Don Smith (Don’s website; his gallery on this site)   I have had the good fortune to make a living with my camera for the past 40 years. I picked up my first camera at age 13 and have

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Filter basics

By Jack Graham (Jack’s website; his blog; his gallery on this site)   Our thanks to Jack for providing this concise primer on using these essential filters – polarizers, solid and variable neutral density filters and graduated neutral density filters.

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A perspective on filters…
I’ve got hiking boots that cost more than most of them!

By Steve Kossack (Steve’s website; Steve’s gallery of this site)   We welcome Singh-Ray’s most prolific blogger back to our new blog! Steve shares his perspective on using filters and setting priorities when it comes to the quality of your

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How I Found My Vision

By Cole Thompson (Cole’s website; his gallery on this site)   Our thanks to Cole for sharing his thoughts on a subject that is rarely discussed with such insight.   The Angel Gabriel   Why do I focus on Vision

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Photographing Lightning at the Grand Canyon

by Gart Hart (Gary’s website; his gallery on this site)   If you are thinking of photographing lighting at the Grand Canyon – or anywhere else – this post by Gary Hart is a must-read.   It was the bolt

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New Singh-Ray Web Site

Welcome!   All of us at Singh-Ray are proud and excited to welcome you to our new website and blog. To celebrate, we’re offering 10% off essential filter combos used and recommended by top pros such as Art Wolfe, Tony

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Don Smith takes a look back at a great year with his Singh-Ray filters

Dawn at Hanalei Bay, Kauai, Hawaii Canon 5DMKIII, 24mm, 6 minutes, f/16, ISO 100, Singh-Ray Vari-N-Duo   Followers of this blog will recognize the name Don Smith and his remarkable style of landscape photography from his frequent stories this past

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Steve Kossack looks for the locations that may become icons for future photographers

Steve Kossack now lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, which enables him to reach many of the most iconic natural wonders in the American West within just a few hours of driving. “What I have found amazing is how differently I

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For a change of pace, Jon Cornforth shoots ABOVE the surface of Hawaii’s coastal waters

 To follow the ventures of nature photographer Jon Cornforth over the past couple of years, you would need a boatload of scuba and underwater photogear. “Photographing the lives of all the various whales and other underwater wildlife has demanded almost

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