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The most beautiful thing on earth

By Gary Hart   One frigid fall morning a few years ago, my brother and I trekked in the dark to a remote Mono Lake beach. Our effort was rewarded when the rising sun illuminated a formation of parallel clouds

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by w4l3XzY3

by w4l3XzY3

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The Story Behind “Melting Giants”

By Cole Thompson In 2015 I was photographing in Nova Scotia when someone told me that Newfoundland to the north had icebergs. I have always been fascinated with icebergs (I think most people are) and so I decided that my next

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The “Five-Stop Effect”

By Tom Bol If you have thumbed through the pages of a photo magazine recently, chances are good you have seen the stunning effects created by ND filters. My palms start sweating when I see puffy clouds streaking across the

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Working with a polarizer in Namibia

By Jay Dickman Light isn’t always light. We often have those times when the light is pouring through the particulate matter of an urban landscape, the “stuff” in the air warping the air molecules into a huge “soft box.” Those

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Is there a perfect aperture for landscape photography?

By Don Smith The sun sets into Pacific Ocean fog as seen from Fremont Peak State Park, elevation 3,169 feet, Gabilan Mountain Range, California. Sony a7RII, Canon 11-24mm, f/16, 1/4th, 100 ISO.   How often do you think about your

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Using the reverse graduated neutral density filter

By Vinny Colucci I’m a firm believer that if you do as much as possible in the camera when you capture an image, it will lead to the best image. Even if we love post-processing work, getting the best exposure

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Jump into infrared… without the commitment

By Kate Silvia Are you intrigued by infrared photography? Those etherial images where green trees turn white as if draped in snow, and blue skies become black as night? Well, I was… enough to convert a small point and shoot

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Why I use Mor-Slo solid ND filters

By Vinny ColucciAs a professional photographer, I came from the film days. We had to control as much of our creative vision as possible in the camera. Whether it was exposure, depth of field or motion, we did all of

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Random thoughts….

By Ed HeatonRamblings from the White Mountains Just wrapped up a photography/camping trip to the White Mountains of New Hampshire – and spent a lot of time roaming the White Mountains in exploration of the abundant photo opportunities. They are spread

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