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Where to next… and what should I bring?

By Brian Rueb   For me, a lot of the fun of photography is picking which new area I want to go photograph. I’m spinning a virtual globe and searching for the next spot. Once I find that location, the

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Why do you still use filters? Why not just bracket?

By Brian Rueb (Brian’s website; his gallery on this site)   My grandmother still handwrites letters. My mother still makes all her desserts from scratch. When we make pasta, I still grate the cheese by hand. I also use filters

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The other evening Brian Rueb took his new Mor-Slo 15-stop ND Filter for an initial test shot

While in Scotland this past September, Brian Rueb had a number of opportunities to work with the Singh-Ray 10-stop Mor-Slo ND filter…and he loved it. “I would go as far as to say it saved my trip! The way the

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Brian Rueb’s first trip to Scotland was a lot more successful because he didn’t leave his Mor-Slo 10-stop at home

The Scottish highlands have always held a certain mystique for Brian Rueb, even before he got so serious about landscape photography. “Barren, rocky, mountains floating in the mist, the ruins of historic castles, and rugged coastlines — I wanted to

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Brian Rueb goes to Olympic National Park and braves the threat of vampires, werewolves and heavy rainfall

When intrepid outdoor photographer Brian Rueb first considered visiting Olympic National Park, he was willing to dodge the vampires, but not the prospect of constant rainfall. “From the time I started taking landscape images, there’s been something mysteriously drawing me

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Prior to making his fourth photo trip to Iceland, Brian Rueb discusses what he’s learned from his previous trips

Here’s the story of how California photographer Brian Rueb has been preparing recently for his fourth trip to Iceland over the next two months. He has written a book on his previous travels in Iceland that is currently in the

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