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The Story Behind “Melting Giants”

By Cole Thompson In 2015 I was photographing in Nova Scotia when someone told me that Newfoundland to the north had icebergs. I have always been fascinated with icebergs (I think most people are) and so I decided that my next

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Photoshop and six tools… with a video demonstration

By Cole Thompson   Editor’s note: We are huge admirers of Cole’s work and have always wondered how he processed his memorable B&W images. Here Cole describes his process – and illustrates it with the video included in this article.

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Oregon – Five “Before” and “After” Long Exposure Images

By Cole Thompson   Editor’s note: We’ve been huge fans of Cole’s tremendous black & white work for years – and have often wondered what his images looked like out of the camera, before he applied his unique conversion and

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Five + Ten + Fifteen + Twenty + Vari-ND = Perfect ND Kit

By Cole Thompson   Utah Hills, created with the Singh-Ray 15 Stop Mor-Slo Filter   After years of experimentation and trying various ND filter combinations, I have assembled what I believe to be the world’s perfect ND kit.   It

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How I Found My Vision

By Cole Thompson (Cole’s website; his gallery on this site)   Our thanks to Cole for sharing his thoughts on a subject that is rarely discussed with such insight.   The Angel Gabriel   Why do I focus on Vision

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Tech Report: Cole Thompson explains how to determine correct exposures for long exposure images

An acknowledged master of long-exposure photography, Cole Thompson shares his techniques for finding his “correct” exposure, and extrapolating that to dramatically longer exposure times.   Getting the correct exposure when using one or more neutral density filters can be challenging.

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Cole Thompson shares some of his latest long-exposure images from recent trips

  Veteran outdoor photographer Cole Thompson tells us that, “since my last post, I have been on a number of trips and thought I’d share some images from them. Each of these long exposure images has something in common, the

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