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Wrong is sometimes right… and other considerations

By Jack Graham     At times there are a few traps we photographers fall into that hinder our creativity. Often the most common trap encountered is following rules … especially when it comes to composition.   The four main

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Making a Short Story… Long!

By Jack Graham   Editor’s note: Many thanks to longtime Singh-Ray shooter and friend Jack Graham for contributing this article. Putting this post together helped us make a pleasant discovery, a beautiful and free online photography magazine we were not

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Filter basics

By Jack Graham (Jack’s website; his blog; his gallery on this site)   Our thanks to Jack for providing this concise primer on using these essential filters – polarizers, solid and variable neutral density filters and graduated neutral density filters.

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Jack Graham loves shooting long exposures that help us to see beyond the sharply focused details

Jack Graham’s interest in nature photography began in the mid-seventies while living in the metro New York area and completing a performance degree in music at Indiana University. “The rolling hills, forests, waterfalls, and prairies of southern Indiana defined the

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