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Shooting summer wildflowers

By Kevin McNeal (Kevin’s website; his gallery on this site)   Kevin McNeal is a master at shooting wildflowers, as these photos attest. Here he discusses the one essential filter he uses for every one of his wildflower scenes and

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Kevin McNeal shows what’s possible with the ColorCombo and mountainsides covered with wildflowers

No one has to tell Kevin McNeal when it’s wildflower season in the mountains. He’s already there. “When summer weather arrived,” says Kevin, “we welcomed the wildflowers in all their glory. One of the most challenging aspects of nature photography

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Kevin McNeal uses his Mor-Slo 10-Stop ND to create more radiant images during the magic hours

Among the many professional outdoor photographers who have greeted Singh-Ray’s Mor-Slo 10-stop ND filter is Kevin McNeal. It didn’t take him long to try the filter and send us this helpful report on using the filter during the “magic hours”

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Kevin McNeal explains the very important advantages of his favorite Singh-Ray LB Polarizer

Each time Kevin McNeal teaches a photography workshop, he knows one of the most-asked questions he’ll get is when and where to use Singh-Ray polarizers. “For the most part, the students don’t exactly know what a polarizer does so they’re

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