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“All-in-camera, old school photography” with digital cameras, Part 3

By Randall J. Hodges In this third installment, I’d like to drill down further into the “Digital Rolls of Film” process that I rely on, show you a few images and explain the filters and settings I used to create each

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“All in camera, old school photography” with digital, part two

by Randall J. Hodges   This is the second article in my “All in Camera” series for the Singh-Ray blog. Today, I’d like to highlight the need to control white balance during image capture and discuss a valuable in-camera tool

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“All-in-camera, old school photography” with digital cameras, Part 1

By Randall J. Hodges  streaming Baywatch movie “To Photoshop” or “not to Photoshop,” that is the question. Well, not really, but for an all-in-camera professional like myself, there really is no choice. I believe there is absolutely nothing wrong with

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