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When the great becomes commonplace

By Tony Sweet I remember years ago, after submitting images for an article, a phone call from my editor. “Please… no more slot canyon shots. Please….” I was disappointed, but I understood. For several years after the slots got “discovered” by people with

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Fall in New Hampshire – An Annual Color Riot

By Tony Sweet (Tony’s website and workshops; his gallery on this site)   Our annual New Hampshire photography tour is one of our most visually stimulating workshops. We’ve been shooting and conducting workshops there for 15 years and really look

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Tony Sweet’s field report on Singh Ray’s ‘incredible” 15-stop Mor-Slo ND

Veteran fine-art photographer Tony Sweet recently received a preview sample of Singh-Ray’s latest development: the 15-stop Mor-Slo solid neutral density filter. “After several chats with Bob Singh about my need for such a filter, I was really pleased to receive

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Tony Sweet demonstrates the use of three Singh-Ray filters he describes as essential to his art

As one of today’s leading fine-art photographers, Tony Sweet says that “in a time when many photographers believe that hardware filters are passé, there are still three types of filters that I use as often as I did back when

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