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  • The Gold-N-BlueTM Polarizer adds dramatic color to your outdoor scene, even when the lighting may be less than ideal.
  • Increasingly popular with serious landscape and travel photographers
  • Works with ND Grads and other filters for a wide variety of effects.
  • It's easy to use with any SLR -- TTL meters have no trouble providing accurate exposures.
  • Works especially well with large areas of blue sky and water.

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    Standard profile thickness: 8.5mm more info

    The Singh-Ray Gold-N-Blue™
    delivers fresh photo opportunities

    Here is the "secret weapon" of many pro outdoor photographers, now available to you from Singh-Ray. The Gold-N-Blue polarizer gives you the ability to add a touch of gold or blue hues to many scenes --even when the light is less than dramatic.

    Just rotate the Gold-N-Blue Polarizer to see the change from golden yellows to dramatic blue tones, even without strong direct sunlight. Then just choose the image that suits your taste. Get exciting effects and moods without going "too far." Works well in combination with your ND Grad and other filters for an even wider variety of effects!

    Note: With digital SLR cameras, setting a Custom White Balance with the Gold-N-Blue Polarizer in place will produce the best results. Refer to your camera's owner's manual for instructions on setting a Custom White Balance. Otherwise, there may appear to be a magenta cast when viewed on your camera's LCD screen. This cast can also be easily corrected on RAW format files by using software to set the proper white balance. For more information on software adjustment, refer to this blog entry.

    Read more about the Gold-N-Blue Polarizer.

    Available mounted in a standard freely rotating polarizer ring or a standard Cokin P-size sprocketed mounting ring.

    Photo copyright Weir McBride Photo copyright Weir McBride Photo copyright Weir McBride
    Go from here... here... here --with one filter!

    Singh-Ray Gold-N-Blue Polarizer
    turns up new photo possibilities

    Let's say you've just driven a hundred miles out of your way to explore a new park for the first time. It turns out to be an exciting place. Acres of lakes, ponds, wetlands and open fields. Lots of ducks, geese, kingfishers and migrating song birds in every thicket.

    Then, you realize the light is the only thing that is not so special. It's average, typical middle-of-the-day light. You're too late for early morning light and too hurried to wait for dusk. Experience tells you that slides taken in this average light won't have much punch.

    Then you remember your new Singh-Ray Gold-N-Blue Polarizer. As soon as you hold it to your eye, you're feeling better. You turn it slowly to reveal a dramatically changing array of colors and moods. Even before you mount the Gold-N-Blue Polarizer on your lens, your day is made. The slides will look great.

    This type of bi-color polarizing filter changes the chromatic emphasis between two colors as the polarizer is rotated.
    Dialing the Gold-N-Blue Polarizer while viewing this mid-day wetland scene revealed a continuous choice from bright blues (top) to golden yellow (bottom). At no point did the scene appear garish or "unnatural." Note how the tree stump and grass remain relatively unaffected as colors in the polarized areas shift dramatically. Film was Kodak E-100 VS.

    Comparing the two photos to the right illustrates the wide color range and versatility of Singh-Ray's GOLD-N-BLUE Polarizer.

    • As you rotate the GOLD-N-BLUE Polarizer, various light-reflecting areas in the scene change from dramatic blue tones to golden yellow--and back again. The polarized color effects are strongest when the axis of your lens is directed 90 degrees away from the direction of sunlight. The least effect is seen when shooting toward or directly away from the sun.

    • Even on days when there is no strong, direct sunlight, the changing polarization effects appear in water, glass, and other surfaces reflecting light from the open sky.

    • The reduction in exposure value (filter factor) for the GOLD-N-BLUE Polarizer is similar to other polarizers--2 to 2-1/2 stops. Through the Lens (TTL) meters have no trouble providing accurate automatic exposures.

    • Once you see the exciting results you produce with the Singh-Ray GOLD-N-BLUE Polarizer, it will become an important part of your filter pack.

    One photographer described Singh-Ray's popular Gold-N-Blue Polarizer as "just like having a bit of PhotoShop inside my camera." We know it was intended as a compliment. Technically speaking however, even today's best photo editing software can't duplicate the Gold-N-Blue's effects.

    Successful shooters tell us the initial excitement of "color tuning" a scene simply by rotating the Gold-N-Blue Polarizer is soon replaced by a more profound and lasting appreciation of its full creative value. In other words, you'll quickly learn precisely when, where, and how you want the Gold-N-Blue to work for you.

    The GOLD-N-BLUE Polarizer is available now in a standard 77-mm filter ring --as well as the Cokin-P-size polarizer sprocketed mounting ring. All filters include a protective padded and lined pouch.

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