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Solid Neutral Density Filters
The industry standard for creating images with dramatic blurred motion, long-exposure effects or very shallow depth of field, even in bright light.
An economical solution for achieving exciting special motion effects or wider lens apertures.
Variable Neutral Density Filters
Dial in up to 8 stops with the best variable ND filters available. Create exciting motion effects and control aperture in both photography and video.
Our Vari-ND plus our LB Warming Polarizing combined into one compact, versatile filter. Now you can polarize your motion effects for even more drama and color saturation.
Three essential filters in one – variable density, polarizer and color intensifier. Slow your exposure times, control glare and reflections and naturally enhance the colors in your images.
Graduated Density Filters
Pioneered by Singh-Ray with legendary landscape photographer Galen Rowell, these hard/soft-edge grads let you create natural, high dynamic range images in a single exposure.
Also pioneered by Singh-Ray, these reverse graduated filters let you achieve balanced, natural images in challenging light, such as when the foreground is in shadow and the sky is not evenly bright.
Singh-Ray strip filters allow you to subtly hold back a bright horizon, for more detail in both foreground and sky.