Alec Johnson

“There is no substitute for good in-camera filtering. I always have a Singh Ray Filter on my lenses.”

Alec is a commercial Architecture and Portrait photographer based in Saint Paul, MN. In his spare time, Alec shoots landscape photography, primarily in black and white. He has shot many of the national parks and among his favorites is Death Valley. He also loves water and visits Bandon Beach, OR as often as possible to shoot the stunning sea stack structures.

Alec’s love of water and close proximity to the world’s largest freshwater lake has resulted in a large portfolio of images of Lake Superior. During the past two years he has spent a great deal of time during the winter months shooting the ice formations. While most in Minnesota and the upper Midwest lamented the winter of 2013 - 2014, Alec found mesmerizing beauty in it. The effects of climate change, and associated loss of winter ice over the last decade on Lake Superior, has caught his attention. The ice has become an important subject matter for him.

Alec is also making his first documentary movie, The Story of Winter: Minnesota’s Most Iconic Season. The movie should be ready for release Fall 2014.

Lastly, Alec is a full-time professor of Entrepreneurship at the University of Saint Thomas. He is launching a new web platform and also teaches photography workshops and speaks frequently to the Twin Cities Camera Clubs.