Arthur Morris

"I don’t use a lot of filters, but when I do, I choose Singh-Ray to ensure I create the highest quality image files. Less expensive filters degrade sharpness and image quality." 



Arthur Morris is a free-lance nature photographer and writer specializing in birds. He is widely recognized as the world’s premier bird photographer and as one of the top nature photography educators of his time. In his books and on his web site and blog, his record of sharing his photographic and avian knowledge is unmatched.

He taught elementary school in New York City for 23 years. For eight years he conducted the shorebird survey at the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge for The International Shorebird Surveys, Manomet, MA. Seven of his images have been honored in various BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competitions. His “Gannet’s In Love” was awarded first place in the “Professional Birds” category of the 2009 National Wildlife Federation contest and first place in “Art in Nature” in the 2009 Nature’s Best contest.

His first major photography book, “The Art of Bird Photography,” was released by Amphoto, NY in 1998 and quickly became the classic how-to work on bird photography. Virtually all of today’s top-flight bird photographers learned the basics from this work. After selling more than 32,000 copies, Amphoto let the book go out of print. BIRDS AS ART reprinted 5,000 copies and the soft-cover edition is available today through the BIRDS AS ART On-Line store. The all-new digital continuation, “The Art of Bird Photography II (916 pages on CD only), was released in 2008. It has sold more than 4,000 copies. The Digital Basics PDF has been the Photoshop "cookbook" for thousands of photographers who have learned the BIRDS AS ART digital workflow from it in short order.

More than 20,000 of Artie’s images have been published in American Birds, Audubon, Birding, Birder’s World, Bird Watcher’s Digest, Ducks Unlimited, Florida Wildlife and Nature, Living Bird, National Geographic, Natural History, Nature Photographer, Outdoor Photographer, PHOTOgraphic, Ranger Rick, Wildbird and in countless other magazines, as well as in hundreds of books and calendars. More than 150 photo-illustrated feature articles by and about him have appeared in a wide variety of publications worldwide.

Artie is a founding member of NANPA, was a keynote speaker at the Charlotte Summit, is a NANPA fellow, and was honored with a NANPA Service Award in 2010 primarily for his work over many years with the NANPA High School and College scholarship programs.

He is a popular lecturer and presenter having conducted more than 200 slide and seminar programs during the past 20 years.

Currently living in Indian Lake Estates, FL, Artie now photographs, travels, speaks and teaches extensively across North America and around the world.