Bobbie Goodrich

"As a workshop leader and post-production teacher, I emphasize to my participants how important it is to start post-processing with the best possible image. Singh-Ray filters dramatically improve the quality of my RAW files.”



An artist at heart, Bobbie Goodrich, whose painting career set the stage for her early entry into the digital photography arena, travels the globe using her camera as her window to the world in search of the amazing and exotic. "My imagery is an artistic interpretation, my personal vision depicting the beauty, energy and spirit of my chosen subject”.

Transforming her Raw Capture into provocative pieces of fine art she has created her signature style using her unique techniques for creating dramatic interpretations of her subject.

"My belief is the photograph that captivates is not always technically perfect, but one that sings out with emotional content. It has taken a long time for photography to be considered an art form and I am grateful to be sharing my knowledge to others aspiring to dig deeper into their creative vision and actualize their own uniqueness"

Bobbie’s stunning imagery is published and represented by Rosenstil’s fine art publishing in the U.K and her work is included in many private and corporate collections.

She is the founder of Bobbie Goodrich Photography Workshops & Tours based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. A former Nik software team member she has produced her "Raw to Wow” webinars for Nik and Topaz Software.

More information and details about Bobbie and her company are available on her website

Artist Statement

Photography is my window to the world, inspiring my creativity and satisfying my passion for travel to unknown and amazing places.

My final images express my artistic portrayal of a subject. I seek out the beauty, spirit and energy of my subject in hopes that my work resonates with the viewer. To achieve my goals, I rely on my camera, lenses and special Sigh Ray Filters. I then process my raw capture in the digital darkroom fusing the artistic and the technical to produce a more compelling work of fine art photography.

I call it Fusion... the artist and her tools.