Darrell Moll

"As a full time working professional photographer, I owe it to myself and my clients to provide the very best end result. Singh-Ray filters help give me the edge I need to stay ahead of the pack."



Darrell was about ten years old when he said he wanted to become a professional photographer.

At 18 he photographed his first wedding and kept close to the business while pursuing other endeavors until he felt he was ready to open his fulltime studio in 1991, at the age of 37. He joined the Professional Photographer’s of Ohio and America (PPA & PPO) later that year and soon after began entering and winning many awards for his photography.

When the "people photography" end of the business began to suffer, he began to pursue his longtime love of Landscape Photography, and soon was dominating State, Regional and International Print Competitions conducted by the Professional Photographers of America. He is Certified by PPA as a Master of Photography, Photographic Craftsman and is also an Approved Imaging Instructor and International juror.

Darrell enjoys teaching and sharing his knowledge with other like-minded photographers.