Darwin Wiggett

"Filters are essential for my creative landscape photography and Singh-Ray filters have served me well for two decades, helping me make more expressive images with both film and digital cameras."



Darwin Wiggett is one of Canada’s best known landscape photographers and has been photographing professionally for over 25 years with images gracing thousands of magazines, calendars and books.

Darwin and his life and creative partner Samantha Chrysanthou formed oopoomoo, a company focused on creative, inspiring and educational photography. Their fun, accessible style of teaching has resulted in their workshops, seminars and talks receiving rave reviews with nearly half of their clients being repeat customers.

Darwin and Samantha were earlier adopters of eBook education. Their eBooks on all aspects of photography are well known and highly acclaimed. Their eBook on Essential and Advanced Filters is considered the bible on the subject. Darwin and Samantha emphasize creative vision in all their teachings and help other photographers learn to unleash their own creativity.