Deborah Sandidge

“My goal as a photographer is to be a storyteller. The use of creative techniques during capture, enabled by Singh-Ray filters, can change the reality, mood and drama of a composition, allowing me to create expressive, fine art imagery.”



Deborah Sandidge is a professional photographer specializing in travel and freelance work. She enjoys sharing her insights and creative ideas through workshops, seminars and writing. Deborah is highly respected for her ability to simplify challenging technical issues for her students and workshop/seminar attendees.

Frequently requested as a guest speaker, Deborah has the unique ability to blend both the technical and artistic elements of photography, and to enthusiastically share her passion with others. She is the author of Digital Infrared Photography (Wiley Publishing) and teaches online courses including Long Exposure Creativity, Infrared Photography and Artistic Imagery.

Deborah has been a guest instructor for Nik software and Topaz Labs, and has collaborated with the Nikon Learn and Explore site, demonstrating star and star trail photography, in addition to long exposure photography. Her images are used internationally by Nikon and various advertising agencies in brochures, product guides and websites.