Greg Boratyn

“I’ve been using Singh-Ray filters for many years, obtaining results I wasn’t able to achieve with other brands. The color accuracy and optical quality is just outstanding.”



Greg is a renowned Polish-born landscape and nature photographer based in Orange County, CA. He has been awarded for his photography and won many photography competitions including “The Sharper Eye Photo Contest” organized by Topaz and New York Institute of Photography. His photographs have been published in a number of magazines, such as Camerapixo, Chasseur d'images, LeNs: Advanced Methods for Nikon Photographers and a countless photography/news websites (Topaz, Paris Match, etc.).

Greg is not only a passionate photographer, but also a software engineer. He has combined his two passions and developed an iOS photography application called “Photos Master” that allows photographers to obtain the Hyperfocal Distance or Depth of Field values for any lens, aperture and sensor size, or the Golden Hour times anywhere in the world based on the GPS values from iPhones, iPods and iPads. His app is available at the iTunes store for free.