Jay Dickman

“Singh-Ray is the only glass I would consider putting in front of my high-grade optics. My world of photography is about absolute top-quality images, and I cannot take a chance with anything less than stellar equipment.”



A Pulitzer-Prize winner and National Geographic Photographer, Jay’s career has spanned a multitude of experiences, including three months living in a stone-age village in Papua New Guinea, a week under the Arctic ice in a nuclear attack sub and aboard a sinking boat on the Amazon.

Working with National Geographic Expeditions, Jay has been on more than 40 trips as the “National Geographic Expert,” including: Around the World by Private Jet, Svalbard/High Arctic, Cape of Norway, British Isles, Baja, Galapagos, the West Coast of Africa and South Georgia/Falklands/Antarctic and Walking with the Maasai.

Jay has lead several workshops for National Geographic, including “Wyoming’s Cowboy Country,” a best-selling workshop that he proposed to National Geographic.

An Olympus Visionary, an HP Pro Photographer and a Lexar Elite Photographer, Jay is proud to join the ranks of the Singh-Ray team of photographers.

Jay is co-author of the best-selling book, Perfect Digital Photography.

“In the world of photojournalism, one cannot come in ‘post’ and fix a blown-out sky that is the bane of so many landscape photographs, so I must do this in the shooting process. I carry the Galen Rowell Neutral Density Graduated filters with me at all times. These give me the ability to ‘control’ the brightness of the sky, making the image look far more natural and accurate to how I saw the scene in my mind’s eye when pressing the shutter.”

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