Jennifer King

“With all that goes in to creating an image, why would you use anything but the best? Singh-Ray filters are hands-down the best filters in the industry.”



I have worked in the advertising arena as a photographer, creative director and director of photography for... well, let's just say more years than I care to admit! I have been fortunate to work with the best photographers, designers and clients in the business. While I had more fun than anyone should have at work, my retreats to the wilderness were even better.

So I traded in the long hours and endless days of the ad world for the more alluring 4a.m. alarm clock to catch the sunrise, replaced my designer shoes with fashionable waterproof boots and the models have become bison and grizzlies (and far less demanding).

Photography is now a journey, it's about the destination and its uniqueness, the world at its best. Simply... photography inspired by nature. I still enjoy the usual tromp through the airport, but at least my luggage is lighter.