Joe DiMaggio

“Since 1974, I've exclusively used what I feel are the best filters available: Singh-Ray. I've found Singh-Ray filters to be expertly crafted and all their designs are definitely outside-the-box.”



Joe’s work over three decades has been featured in publications such as Time, Life, Sports Illustrated, U.S. News and World Report and many others. Time named his Sports Illustrated cover of Cooney vs. Holmes “Best Picture of the Year.” His talent earned him a coveted invitation to join the International Olympic Games Pool. His gift for advertising photography has netted him a list of Fortune 500 clients and prestigious advertising agencies.

His talent as a teacher has gained him a national reputation. He’s been featured on ABC-TV’s “World of Photography” and has hosted episodes of ESPN’s “Canon Photo Safari” with celebrity guests and amateur photographers William Shatner and A.J. Langer. Joe has lectured to thousands of aspiring photographers in workshops around the world. He’s been a contributing editor of the internationally published “Times Journal of Photography” and has been a lecturer for the “American Photo/Popular Photography” Mentor Workshops. He’s taught additional workshops in Palm Beach and the Maine Photographic Workshop and teaches the DiMaggio/Kalish Workshops with partner JoAnne Kalish. “Sights Unseen” is a series of Travel/Adventure Photography DVDs Joe has done.

Equally at ease with pictures that move, Joe has directed a number of commercials and short films including a one-hour documentary, aired on Discovery Channel’s Shark Week. A feature documentary film titled, IN THIS CORNER is in the works. He recently completed another documentary BORN WITH IT about Eddie Kirkland – a true Blue’s Man. BORN WITH IT was selected and shown by several prestigious film festivals. Sports Illustrated recently chose one of Joe photos of the Indianapolis 500 as one of the third greatest photos of the last 100 years.