Kevin Reaves

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Kevin is an award-winning photographer based out of the Southeastern United States.

Having grown up on his grandfather's farm, Kevin was always out exploring the natural world around him. In his early college years, that interest in nature translated into learning to capture those memories on film - and subsequently in digital. Kevin understands that most people will never have the opportunity to see the places he is able to travel to and photograph, and his desire is to transport people there through his images in the hopes that it will evoke the same emotions in them that it did in him as if they were there to experience it first hand.

Life is as much about the journey along the way as it is about the destination and Kevin tries to take advantage of every opportunity he has to capture nature in the best possible light. Kevin also loves to share his knowledge and experiences with other photographers and has spoken before camera clubs and gives private one-on-one instruction at different locations across the U.S.

In 2013, Kevin achieved one of his lifelong dreams, and opened a 4,000 square foot gallery in Macon, Georgia, displaying his work from some of his favorite places across the U.S.