Loscar Numael

“The LB Color Combo has become my go-to filter. Fall colors look magical, seascapes take on a new light and rainbows glow. Even my black & white pops with this filter.”



I was born in Puerto Rico, an island of beautiful coastlines, beaches and a majestic rainforest, all of which sparked my passion for landscape and nature photography. Although I am now in Atlanta, I visit my home island as much as possible to try to discover exciting new imagery to capture. Chances are you will find me covered in mud from hiking through the rainforest or soaking wet from a rogue wave!

My primary focus is landscape and long exposure photography – and travel, to experience and hopefully capture the beauty of new locations. The goal of my photography is to convey to the viewer, at least in some small part, a sense of what I experienced and share the way I see these incredible places.

I’m always happy to have a chat with a fellow photographer, so feel free to contact me anytime!