Mark Lissick

“I've used a Singh-Ray Vari-ND filter for years and it has never failed me, even under the most severe shooting conditions. Its optical quality and durability exemplifies the performance I've come to expect from Singh-Ray filters.”



Mark Lissick is an award-winning nature photographer residing in the California Sierras. His creative efforts encompass fine art landscapes, wildlife and abstracts that create visual stories and essence of place. Subject, light, weather and tones are combined to recreate those magical moments that will reach out and connect with the viewer, making them feel a part of the experience.

Mark has published five books to date, including his acclaimed “The Inner Artistry of Outdoor Photography.” His latest book, “Visions of Eden,” is a limited-edition fine art work that was released in early 2015. It features many of Mark’s photos from around the globe, each accompanied by his poetry that reflects his emotions and thoughts while the image was being created. His articles have been published in Outdoor Photographer and Nature Photographer and he writes a weekly series about creativity.

In addition to his numerous books and publications, Mark is the recipient of awards from Nature’s Best and the North American Photography Association. His prints have been part of major exhibits, including the Smithsonian Institute.

Besides his creative works, Mark is a dedicated and passionate teacher of the craft of photography. For over two decades Mark has been conducting workshops and photo adventures around the world. He is a firm believer in the adage that creating images begins with the photographer. His teachings emphasize the importance of being aware of the pictures created by our imaginations and how to best use the photographic tools available to us to turn those visions into reality.