Mauro Tronto

"Sometime I got tired of putting on and taking off ND filters between composing and shooting. The perfect solution is my SinghRay Vari-ND. Choose your aperture and just dial in the density you need to increase or decrease exposure time!"



Mauro was born and still resides in Ancona, Italy, not far away from Rome. His day job is in computer science and software development. Music and photography are the two areas where I can express myself the best. My journey with photography began in 2007, when the digital world revolution (mainly computer graphic and web design) was mature enough to me. Since that time my passion for photography has never diminished.

I love landscape photography because it fulfills my ability to dream. Chasing perfect light helps make my style bolder.

I believe in creating my images straight out of the camera! I think the approach or belief that one can just "make" photographs later, through post production on the computer,  is something which hinders in-field creativity and often kills the ability to stay focused, causing one to miss sudden opportunities. I strongly believe that if you're committed to get the best out of what you have in the field, your results will be better and often unexpected. 

I always make an extensive evaluation of available light, composition and color balance. Those are basic elements which make my passion for photography continue to grow. Furthermore those are also key elements that draw my vision into a photo.