Martin Radigan

"After trying a bunch of other filter brands, Singh-Ray filters quickly became my 'go to' filters. Whether it’s a polarizer, solid neutral density, graduated neutral density, or one of their other great filters, Singh-Ray always gives me superior optical performance and color accuracy."



Martin has spent over a decade seeking out and photographing beautiful places; some far away, some not. Landscape has always been the favorite subject and primary focus of Martin’s work.  Martin also enjoys photographing people and wildlife and once, while being lost in the moment of shooting, he found himself on opposite sides of a car from a grizzly bear (of course he lived to tell, not to mention the images were pretty good).

His work has appeared in a wide range of magazines and calendars, and has been used by organizations dedicated to the appreciation and protection of wilderness spaces and natural resources, such as American Rivers and the National Park Service.

For the past several years Martin has enjoyed sharing his passion for landscape photography through leading tours and workshops for photographers looking to learn and explore new places.

Martin lives in Poolesville, Maryland with wife, Abby, and daughter, Maisie.