Richard Thompson

"As an outdoor photographer, there's little more gratifying than capturing the fullness of the moment at the instant it unfolds. Singh-Ray's professional filters help me capture the richness of nature as I witness it."

Michigan photographer Richard Thompson dedicates his attention to photographing the diverse scenery and varied seasons of his native state of Michigan. A graduate of the College for Creative Studies in Detroit and longtime creative professional, Thompson travels year-round, exploring Michigan's upper and lower peninsulas and further abroad the Great Lakes region.

 In June of 2014, Richard authored his first hardcover photographic book, Visions of Michigan, documenting more than six years of photographic work celebrating the natural beauty of Michigan's landscapes and lakeshores.

Thompson's photographs have received recognition in the field of conservation and have appeared in regional publications. Thompson lives in the metropolitan Detroit area, from where he operates his digital printmaking home studio and continues his photographic endeavors.