Rick Sandford
"Early on, I learned the importance of getting the image right in the camera. I love Singh-Ray filters because they give me the control I need for how the image turns out, saving me a lot of time in post-processing. My favorite filters include the Color Combo, the Vari-N-Duo and, now, the Vari-N-Trio."



Rick began his photography journey in 2010, when he attended a winter workshop in Canaan Valley, West Virginia. The Photography Bug bit, and hard! Now, several years later and retired from his job as an airline pilot, Rick devotes his time to education and experiential learning. He attends landscape photography workshops across the country in an effort to build his experience and learn from the best photographers possible.

Rick’s interests include: the National, State and local Parks; landscape and wildlife photography; anything with moving water; night and star photography; and Native Americana. He has fallen in love with every National Park he has visited, and encourages all his fellow photographers, and their supporters, to get out there and ENJOY!!

Rick currently resides in the Columbus, Ohio, area, with his family.