Steve Kossack

“Singh-Ray genuinely cares about what photographers in the field need to produce their best images. They’ve changed how I work and increased the pride I have in my work. Going into the field without Singh-Ray filters would be unthinkable!”



I was born and raised in Southern California and professionally trained in photography with the intent of teaching. I was experiencing these areas long before I had a camera and I feel very privileged to be able to share my passion and knowledge with others. My experience and unique way of seeing has brought enjoyment and enlightenment to many.

My workshops have included many of the west's most well known locations; from Sedona to Yosemite, Coyote Buttes to Death Valley. The Great Smokies, Glacier, the Canadian Rockies, Alaska, Big Bend, Bosque Del Apache, White Sands, The Eastern Sierra, Canyonlands-Arches, Grand Canyon, Monument Valley and Yellowstone-Grand Teton have all been our workshop locations through the years.

My rewards is in the number of quality images that my participants come back with. I think landscape photography should be fun and a group of like-minded people photographing together is fun! One of the joys of doing the workshops is the number of people who repeat my “f-8 And Be There” experience and the number of friendships I have made.
I currently live in Southern Nevada and have lived and worked in some of the most beautiful and active photographic locations in the United States where great landscape photography can be, and is for me, an every day endeavor.