Ring Mount

Turn fractions of a second into seconds and seconds into minutes, even in bright, harsh light – and enter an exciting world of dramatic motion and blur effects.
Transform rushing rivers, meandering clouds or other moving subjects into ethereal images. And use wider apertures to minimize diffraction on long exposures, soften distracting backgrounds and enhance bokeh. Can be used with strobes and other light sources in the field or studio. Ideal for video shooters, too. Available in a full range of sizes and mounts to fit your lens or filter holder.

“There’s no cheap or easy way to make a high-quality neutral density filter. I’ve compared filters from other manufacturers. Without question, Singh-Ray Mor-Slo filters are the highest quality NDs, with no measurable color shift.”— Jack Graham

Bryan Rueb
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  • Use a sturdy tripod and locking cable release and close your viewfinder shutter.
  • As a further precaution against light leaks during long exposures, cover your camera and lens barrel with a towel or other lightproof material.
  • Determine correct exposure without the Mor-Slo filter, then use the table below or a smartphone app (ND Timer, LongTime, etc.) to determine exposure time with filter(s).
  • Since NDs can be very dark, you should compose and manually focus before attaching the filter.
  • Try stacking Mor‐Slo’s with Singh-RayVari-ND or polarizing filters to achieve incremental density increases, reduce glare and enhance colors. When stacking, at least one of the filters must have a standard ring mount.
  • Vignetting may occur when stacking ring filters and/or shooting at very wide angles. Keep an eye on the corners of your viewfinder. Some customers who regularly shoot at very wide angles find it helpful to use a larger filter and a step‐up ring.


Taken minutes apart by Jack Graham, left with Lee Big Stopper, right with Singh-Ray 10-stop Mor-Slo.

mor-slo-desc-photo1 mor-slo-desc-photo2

“I’ve tested most of the fixed-stop ND filters on the market.
Mor-Slo filters represent a quantum leap improvement in image quality,
with none of the unnatural color casts I’ve seen with other filters.”

Tony Sweet

“Those who don’t want to use quality ND filters
tell me it’s easy to remove the color cast in post.
One reason I use Mor-Slo’s is to get as much right in the
camera as I can and minimize my post processing.
Plus, there’s a certain satisfaction when the image out of the camera
is close to what you visualized.”

Kevin McNeal

Without filter (left) and with Singh-Ray 15-stop Mor-Slo (right)

mor-slo-desc-photo1 mor-slo-desc-photo2

“15 stops of ND gives you more creative freedom.
Instead of using Lo-1 ISO, you can shoot at base ISO and get a cleaner result.
You also aren’t forced to stop down to f22 to get a long exposure.
That’s really great for avoiding refraction
or using shallow depth of field as a creative tool.”

Jason Odell

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Clear selection

Every Singh-Ray filter comes in a protective case
with an optical cloth liner.

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