Tony Sweet Soft-Ray Diffuser

Turn mundane scenes into magical works of art – and add a poetic, incandescent glow to your images that resembles the feeling of paintings by the old masters, right in your camera.

The Soft-Ray creates a soft ambience and emotional impact from corner to corner and with other filters, without losing essential detail and contrast. All regardless of your aperture, unique among diffusion filters.

The Soft-Ray isn’t for every shot, but there are times when a softly muted, diffused image conveys your artistic vision better than a razor sharp one. Can be used effectively and creatively outdoors or indoors, with landscapes, close-ups and portraits and to create a romantic feeling to wedding photos and video. For added impact, try stacking the Soft-Ray with Singh-Ray’s LB ColorCombo, Gold-N-Blue or Rowell ND grad filters.

“es, there are software plug-ins that create a diffused effect, but I’m convinced after using this filter that none of my plug-ins can create the same soft, dreamlike feeling as the Soft-Ray.”John Barclay



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