Vari-N-Duo Variable Neutral Density Filter



Create exciting motion effects – and control glare and reflections and improve color saturation and tonal detail – all without stacking or changing filters.


Just compose your shot, adjust focus, turn the polarizing ring to the desired look – and dial in density up to eight stops. It’s that easy.

“A revolution in multitasking, this all-in-one does the work of multiple neutral-density filters, a warming filter and polarizer. Two rotating rings offer continuously adjustable neutral density from 2.7 to 8 stops. Expensive, but could single-handedly replace almost every filter now jammed into your camera bag.”— Popular Photography



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  • Use a sturdy tripod and locking cable release.
  • Open the Vari-N-Duo to minimum density to compose and focus, dial in the desired polarization and density, then close your viewfinder shutter to minimize the chance of a light leak.
  • For easier control of the polarizing effect, set the filter density to minimum and turn both rings together until you see the desired look.
  • As with any polarizer, you may need to adjust polarization to avoid uneven skies with wide-angle lenses.
  • For best results, always use the Vari-N-Duo within its 2 2/3 and 8-stop exposure range.
  • You can stack other Singh-Ray filters on the Vari-N-Duo, but be alert to possible vignetting. At least one of the filters must also have a standard ring mount (to reduce thickness and minimize vignetting, our thin-mount filters do not have outside threads).

How the Vari-N-Duo slows down your shutter speed in a “typical” daylight scene

Without filter

1/500 sec. at f8

Vari-N-Duo at minimum density (2 2/3 stops)

1/80 sec. at f8

Vari-N-Duo at middle density (5 stops)

1/15 sec. at f8

Vari-N-Duo at maximum density (8 stops)

1/2 sec. at f8

Close your aperture for even slower shutter speeds

1 sec. at f11

2 sec. at f16

4 sec. at f22




“The Vari-N-Duo is highly recommended by many, many pro landscape photographers.
It’s a winner.”

Jim Harmer,


The Vari-N-Duo also delivers in bright or less flattering light,
so you don’t have to restrict your photography to the “magic hour” around sunrise and sunset.

Vari-ND product page_2© Dennis Frates (
“The Vari-N-Duo not only helps me create more unique images, it also extends my shooting opportunities
throughout the entire day. I would previously use the middle of most days to scout locations to revisit later
when the lighting was better – such as early morning or late evening – but now the Vari-N-Duo
gives me many additional options in midday light.”

Dennis Frates

Some Vari-ND shooting ideas

  • Experiment!
  • Loosen the ballhead on your tripod and try panning or “swiping” vertically on a subject such as trees, or horizontally across a landscape or to track a moving car or bird in flight.
  • From a stationary position, try shooting gently moving flowers, the motion of people walking, flowing water and passing clouds.
  • Dial in density to maintain wider apertures and narrow depth of field while, for example, shooting macro subjects, using a flash, taking portraits in brighter light or shooting video.
  • Once you get started, you’ll find that the Vari-N-Duo opens up a whole new world of creative possibilities!

Vari-ND product page_1© Michael Bielat (
“For my needs, the Vari-N-Duo is a very magical combination.
With these filters, I can finally get images of the caliber they should be.
I’m not kidding when I say that I wish I could go back
and re-live my first 10 years as a photographer with these filters.”

Michael Bielat

Vari-N-Duo: the best variable neutral density filter + the best warming polarizer = one indispensable filter.

Click here for tips and techniques from top pros on using the Singh-Ray Vari-N-Duo variable neutral density filter.

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Cole Thompson demonstrates the use of Singh-Ray's Vari-ND variable neutral density filter together with Mor-Slo solid neutral density filters for amazing long exposures

Cole Thompson shows how the Vari-ND variable neutral density filter gives him added creative control when creating his dramatic long-exposure B&W images
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