Vari-ND Variable Neutral Density Filter

Add a dramatic new look to your work with motion effects and shallow depth of field, even in bright light or when using a flash.


Just turn the Vari-ND to control the amount of light passing through your lens, adding between two and eight stops of neutral density with no loss of color fidelity or sharpness. The Vari-ND is also a must-have filter for shooting video.

“The Vari-ND will revolutionize your photo-taking experience, no matter what lens you mount it on; it did for me! I would rate it as one of my favorite “mood enhancing” filters of all time. Use it to tame your waters, smooth your skies, add motion or eliminate it altogether. Versatility plus creativity equals the Vari-ND!”Marco Crupi


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  • Use a sturdy tripod and locking cable release.
  • Open the Vari-ND to minimum density to compose and focus, dial in the desired density, then close your viewfinder shutter to minimize the chance of a light leak.
  • Stack a Mor-Slo filter or LB polarizer on the Vari-ND for additional density increases and to reduce glare and enhance colors. Be alert to the possibility of vignetting with wide-angle lenses. At least one of the filters must also have a standard ring mount (to reduce thickness and minimize vignetting, our thin-mount filters do not have outside threads).
  • For best results, always use the Vari-ND within its 2-8-stop exposure range.
  • Some photographers who regularly shoot at very wide angles find it helpful to use a larger filter and a step-up ring.

How the Vari-ND slows down your shutter speed in a “typical” daylight scene

Without filter

1/500 sec. at f8

Vari-ND at minimum density (2 stops)

1/125 sec. at f8

Vari-ND at middle density (5 stops)

1/15 sec. at f8

Vari-ND at maximum density (8 stops)

1/2 sec. at f8

Close your aperture for even slower shutter speeds

1 sec. at f11

2 sec. at f16

4 sec. at f22








vari-nd© Marco Crupi (

No filter, 1/30 sec., f4, ISO 100 Vari-ND, 6 sec., f22, ISO 50 Vari-ND, 30 sec., f22, ISO 50

“I was blown away by the smoothness and richness of the colors I was getting just by adding the Vari-ND.”

Marco Crupi

Some Vari-ND shooting ideas

  • Experiment!
  • Loosen the ballhead on your tripod and try panning or “swiping” vertically on a subject such as trees, or horizontally across a landscape or to track a moving car or bird in flight.
  • From a stationary position, try shooting gently moving flowers, the motion of people walking, flowing water and passing clouds.
  • Dial in density to maintain wider apertures and narrow depth of field while, for example, shooting macro subjects, using a flash, taking portraits in brighter light or shooting video.
  • Once you get started, you’ll find that the Vari-N-Duo opens up a whole new world of creative possibilities!

Vari-ND product page_2© William Neill (
“The Vari-ND is indispensable for shooting video.
There’s one on my lens every time I shoot outdoors.
The market is flooded with cheap imitations,
but if I want neutral color rendition,
and an image that doesn’t fall apart when I’m using a longer lens,
I only trust the Vari-ND.”

Bob Krist

Vari-ND product page_1© Cole Thompson (
“I always use a Vari-ND when shooting long exposures,
and stack a 5- or 10-stop Mor-Slo on top.
I can open up the Vari-ND to quickly change my composition
and just as quickly adjust from a 30-second to a 120-second exposure.
Those are two major advantages of the Vari-ND filter over fixed filters
– and why the Vari-ND is one of my most important tools.”

Cole Thompson

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Cole Thompson demonstrates the use of Singh-Ray's Vari-ND variable neutral density filter together with Mor-Slo solid neutral density filters for amazing long exposures

Cole Thompson shows how the Vari-ND variable neutral density filter gives him added creative control when creating his dramatic long-exposure B&W images
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