Lightning at sunset across rural Wisconsin farmland

Thinking outside the box: photographing lightning with solid ND filters

Lightning storms capture the attention of just about everyone. Bolts catapulted through the sky are spectacular to view and dangerous ...
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Melting Giants Final Image

The Story Behind “Melting Giants”

In 2015 I was photographing in Nova Scotia when someone told me that Newfoundland to the north had icebergs. I have ...
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Townsend, TN. Great Smoky Mountain National Park

The “Five-Stop Effect”

If you have thumbed through the pages of a photo magazine recently, chances are good you have seen the stunning ...
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Desert photo taken with filter

Working with a polarizer in Namibia

Light isn’t always light. We often have those times when the light is pouring through the particulate matter of an ...
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Susnet From Fremont Peak

Is there a perfect aperture for landscape photography?

The sun sets into Pacific Ocean fog as seen from Fremont Peak State Park, elevation 3,169 feet, Gabilan Mountain Range, ...
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Photo by Vinny Colucci

Using the reverse graduated neutral density filter

I'm a firm believer that if you do as much as possible in the camera when you capture an image, ...
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Owner/Photographer Kate Silvia Photography, LLC

Jump into infrared… without the commitment

 Are you intrigued by infrared photography? Those etherial images where green trees turn white as if draped in snow, and ...
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Photo by Vinny Colucci

Welcome to Singh-Ray Filters

As a professional photographer, I came from the film days. We had to control as much of our creative vision ...
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Mountains in the Distance over a lake

Random thoughts….

Ramblings from the White Mountains Just wrapped up a photography/camping trip to the White Mountains of New Hampshire - and ...
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Silver Falls in Golden and Silver Falls State Natural Area in Oregon

“All-in-camera, old school photography” with digital cameras, Part 3

In this third installment, I'd like to drill down further into the “Digital Rolls of Film” process that I rely on, ...
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Creek runoff into Lake with Mountains in the backround

Some tips and techniques from the “Last Frontier”

Editor's note: We are pleased to welcome Jeff Schultz to our blog. Jeff has lived in Alaska for close to ...
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Black and White Photo of a Canyon

When the great becomes commonplace

I remember years ago, after submitting images for an article, a phone call from my editor. “Please… no more slot canyon ...
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Picture of Mountains with Clouds in the Sky

Polarizers, how they work, when and how to use them…

Editor's note: This is an updated article on polarization that E.J. originally wrote for the Singh-Ray blog several years ago ...
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Sunflowers in the foreground while Sunsetting in the Backround

Tips For Better Wildflower Images – Part 2

Lupine and Balsamroot against setting sun, Columbia State Park, Dalles Mountain Ranch, Washington. Sony a7R, Sony/Zeiss 16-35mm, f/22, 1/8th, Auto ...
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Wildflowers in front of a Fence with a Sunset in the Backround

Tips For Better Wildflower Images – Part 1

Editor's note: It's flower time in many parts of the world now, so we thought these tips from Don Smith ...
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Photo of a running stream with trees in the backround

Capturing the image you envision

Photographers now have more powerful tools available to them than ever before. Exciting new sensor technologies already up to 50+ ...
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Photo of the Taj Mahal shrouded in clouds

Capturing a special moment at the Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal was built in 1631 by Shah Jahan, as a testament to the love he felt for his ...
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Photo of Orange Flowers in the foreground with a tree and a mountain in the backround

For stronger foregrounds, try taking a bug’s eye view!

Editor's note: Don's technique for capturing and processing this image is also a great way to solve the challenge of ...
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Black and White Photo of a Barn and cloudy sky

Tips for using your Mor-Slo™ 10-stop solid neutral density filter

Editor's note: This post is the second in a series on using solid neutral density filters, arguably one of today's ...
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Photo of a beach with calm waves

Tips for using your Mor-Slo™ 5-stop solid neutral density filter

Editor's note: This post is a little different from our regular feature articles by leading photographers using Singh-Ray filters. Instead, ...
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Photo of red sunset with snowy mountains in the backround and trees in the foreground

“All in camera, old school photography” with digital, part two

This is the second article in my “All in Camera” series for the Singh-Ray blog. Today, I'd like to highlight ...
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Where to next… and what should I bring?

For me, a lot of the fun of photography is picking which new area I want to go photograph. I’m ...
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Photo of a Sunset over a canyon

Grad School

Editor's note: Gary Hart has been using Singh-Ray Galen Rowell graduated neutral density filters and Daryl Benson reverse graduated neutral ...
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Photo of the Ocean with active waves

The long exposure as a creative tool

As a professional photographer, I’m always exploring creative techniques and how they can be used to create impact in my ...
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Photo of a river in the foreground with trees in the backround

Are you a photographer or a tourist?

Editor's note: Having recently experienced this dilemma on a trip with my daughter, I found this article by Gary to ...
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Black and White Photo of the Statues from Easter Island

Photoshop and six tools… with a video demonstration

Editor’s note: We are huge admirers of Cole’s work and have always wondered how he processed his memorable B&W images ...
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Photo of a Sunset falling behind trees

5 reasons why you should be using a circular polarizing filter

The sun sets through fog as seen from Fremont Peak State Park, San Benito County, California (Sony a7R II, Sony/Zeiss ...
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Photo of 3 Horses Huddled together

Wrong is sometimes right… and other considerations

At times there are a few traps we photographers fall into that hinder our creativity. Often the most common trap ...
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Photo of a Sunset behind a mountain with a calm ocean

My 3-stop reverse graduated ND filter. An essential tool for shooting sunsets.

Typical graduated filters are darkest at one end, and gradually lighten up along the length of the filter. These are essential ...
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Photo of rushing stream

Photographing moving water

Moving water – waterfalls, rivers, streams and surf – often presents unique challenges to the landscape photographer. The most common ...
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Photo of a Red Sunrise over a Snowy Mountain

“All-in-camera, old school photography” with digital cameras, Part 1

“To Photoshop” or “not to Photoshop,” that is the question. Well, not really, but for an all-in-camera professional like myself, ...
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Photo of Frozen Lake with Mountains and Cloudy Sky in the Backround

New creative interpretations with slower exposure times

As the digital era has evolved and cameras are ubiquitous, there are more and more images of literally everything, to ...
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